Recruitment Notice

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Recruitment Notice

Post by Admin on Tue Oct 11, 2016 6:24 pm

Our small and friendly FC Forest Owls <Owls> is currently recruiting members.
We are casual and very family oriented. We also have an associated LS that is used to connect with other small FCs. Our events are held jointly and we consider all the LS members family as well.

Since we are casual, we don’t have a set schedule for anything. If people are online, we might do whatever we feel like doing together.  Usually it translates into treasure map runs, pony/bird farms, potd runs, WTail sticker runs, and few clears for people catching up every week. We have around 12 members who log-on almost every day. We also have a few “weekenders”.  In total, we have roughly 25 active members.  In the associated LS, we have 25 members on almost everyday.

Skill-wise, we have no trouble with all the WTail fights. We have few legacy players who just returned to the game, so they are still catching up with gears and story. Once they caught up, we can start to do harder contents. I certainly see potentials as we have fast learners and ex-raiders. Having said that, you can be assured that there is no elitist attitude in this FC.

We are recruiting slowly, at the rate of 2~4 people per week, so that people have a chance to get to know each other.  We want to maintain the personal feeling, so we won’t introduce new members when the quota has been met for the week.

If our FC sounds like a good fit for you, please feel free to PM me here.


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